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Ambitious digital natives with mixed skills of data science, full-stack development and user experience design.

The sweetspot

Many traditional analytics, development, and design companies have entered the big data market, each with their distinct strengths and weaknesses. Analysts crunch the numbers, but aren’t able to implement production-ready solutions. Developers are able to build, but often do not have the quantitative analysis skills required to grasp analysis models. Designers craft beautiful infographics, but frequently as pretty pictures rather than reports with business value.

We solve data problems by operating in the space where these fields intersect. Our team consists of mixed skillsets from these areas, enabling our clients to make better decisions and bring better data-driven products to their consumers. A passion to learn & innovate gives us the ability to build robust, scalable and cutting-edge solutions.

Frank Lagendijk

User Experience Designer

Passionate UX designer with a Business & IT and Marketing background. Frank is a start-up kid and loves both the innovative client work as well as building on products. He manages the day-to-day and contributes as UX designer.


Lennart Nederstigt

Data Scientist & Software Architect

Loves back-end development and got credits in several computer science journals for his data science skills. Lennart's gained most of his data science experience in the e-commerce domain by enhancing (faceted) search.

Steven Aanen

Data Scientist & Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack developer and data scientist by heart. Steven did a lot of research in the e-commerce domain and got rewarded for his efforts by some prestigious Computer Science journals.

Gino Mangnoesing

Data Scientist & Full-Stack Developer

Very curious individual who's always exploring some field of interest. He's specifically fond of machine learning and building products that involve automatic interpretation of human language (Natural Language Processing). Topics about which he published several research papers in Computer Science journals.


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