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Why / The relevance of data

The growth of data is staggering — doubling roughly every 18 months. Using this data as a business asset has the potential to change the game. It’s the foundation of new waves of productivity growth, innovation, and richer company and customer insights. Although recently only seen as a source of competitive advantage, interpreting and exploiting data is rapidly becoming a necessity. The question is no longer whether big data is useful, but how to extract business value from it.

How / Extracting business value

We distill useful insights from your raw data, using statistics, data mining & artificial intelligence straight from our scientific background. Humans are leading, technology isn’t. We’ll always start by carefully analyzing your users’ and business’ needs. Eventually sculpting beautiful and easy-to-use solutions.

What  / Techniques we use

Text Mining

Discover common complaints of customers by analyzing phrases & terms in e-mails or find common interests of your audience. These and other insights can be gained by applying text mining techniques.

Optimization & OR

At which level of stock do you minimize your costs? Or what’s the best order of scheduling marketing activities to optimize your customer retention rate.


Suggest relevant products to your shoppers. We help enable highly personalized interactions with your customers, specific to their customer profile. Increasing conversion by doing so.

Data Visualization

Think about an amazing dashboard delivering content suggestions for your online marketing department. In general we give you easy access and insights into your data by making complex data in large amounts easy to interpret.

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