A new approach to mobile shopping.

Brandbond is a mobile app to discover fashion items from multiple brands and webshops, in a unified and personalized experience.

An increasing amount of people take pleasure in browsing and discovering fashion on their mobile devices. Two notable examples of mobile products that offer such an experience, are Pinterest and Instagram. What makes these apps great, is their simple, personal, and visually pleasing interaction.

While such apps offer a pleasant discovery and browsing experience, they are not particularly focussed on shopping. Besides, few shops offer an experience close to the previously mentioned apps, and are naturally restricted to their own product assortment. That is why our client approached us to investigate this potential area for improvement in mobile commerce.

In the process of creating Brandbond, we conducted an extensive UX research process, that entailed users interviews, visual- and technical prototyping. The gathered insights, resulted in a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the form of a mobile application, focussed on female shoppers, in the age range from 18 to 30.

What differentiates Brandbond, is that it enables exploring fashion items, within a specific product category. Which effectively assists females that are "looking for a nice t-shirt", to rapidly hunt down suitable options in one single stream of products, filtered for prefered brands and shops.

Products are automatically sourced from various shops and brands. The MVP is focussed on t-shirts / tops, as this is the most sought-after product category in the target audience. In addition to browsing products, users can save items to their personal wishlist, for later reference. Another user informed feature, is the ability to share fashion items, with friends and family to gather feedback. Brandbond offers a sharing button that generates and copies a short url to the users clipboard, for easy sharing through various chat applications (such as, Whatsapp). The short url, refers to a simplified web page, that displays the product and person requesting feedback.

“They really helped me to think in what’s important to test crucial assumptions in the first phase of my product.”

Leegreg Fer

Founder Brandbond

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